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The workshop program aims to reduce cybercrime among women by educating them about the risks associated with online activities and providing them with tools and knowledge to protect themselves. This will create a safer online environment for women and reduce cybercrime prevalence.

Introducing and highlighting the benefits of IR4.0 equipment related to network relationships to improve quality of life in organizations and communities.
Raising awareness of the types of cybercrimes involving women that occur in organizations and communities.
Providing guidelines to help participants recognize and prevent cybercrime threats among women.

APEC Women Empowerment through Cybercrime-Free Workshop for Secure Online Trading in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Synergizing women with smart technology is vital in SME online trading. The economy's sustainable development must consider the cyber well-being of the population, especially women who are often victims of cybercrime. Cybercrime issues such as cyber harassment, financial fraud, phishing, e-commerce fraud, and love scam mainly involve women as primary victims. This prompted a training program that focuses on empowering women in securing online trading, named the APEC Women Empowerment Through Cybercrime-Free Workshop for secure online trading, to be held in Malaysia , aiming to raise essential cyber security skillsets among APEC women. Four modules embedding hands-on practical activities: Cybercrime and Threats, Law and Best Practices, Prevention Measures, and Reflection Activities are the concentrations.